Our unique trade show booths are created from modern materials, such as fiberboards, plexiglass, glass, large printed walls, etc…

We always strive to create a booth according to your wishes, that will in a way become your business card, and will provide you a unique and special presentation.

Guided by your wishes, our designers will define a solution that suits your needs and financial wishes, and develop a 3D design of your future booth. We will use the 3D design as a basis for the planning, ordering of materials and booth creation.

Radimo isključivo s novim iveralima (ne koristimo rabljene), novim tepisima i laminatima na podu (iste materijale ne koristimo više puta).

We work exclusively with new fiberboards (we don`t work with used ones).

We also use only new carpets or laminates, and this goes with all of the materials we use to build any particular trade show booth or stand.Printed materials include stickers, backlights, cloths, banners, covers, mesh, etc…

We furnish booths by using upholstered, leather and MDF lacquered chairs. We create info stands by using newest materials and following the latest trends.

Unique trade show booths are what the name says – created just for your company.