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Considering that sometimes it can be very hard to provide an estimated quote for a particular project up front, especially if you have no experience in participating in fairs and similar promotional activities, we suggest that the first step of our communication happens by phone, through which we will provide you with all the necessary information and clarify everything you have doubts about. Feel free to contact us through any of our phone numbers, or you can request a phone call through a contact form below this text. We will reply to all of your inquiries as soon as possible!

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1. novački odvojak 15
10 437 Bestovje
Zagrebačka županija, Croatia

Phone.: +385 1 3692 688
Fax: +385 1 3692 688
Info: Tomislav Mirt, manager
Mobile: +385 98 895 182
Info: Ana Kanižić, project manager
Mobile: +385 99 500 7661