Mirt Interior is a company who`s family tradition from 1993. includes organizing, planning, developing and arranging trade shows, trade show booths, events, promotional activities and exhibits across Europe. Our quality work has provided us with the opportunity to acquire clients abroad as well. In just a couple of years we`ve shown that we are capable of executing the most demanding tasks given to us by our clients. To accomplish this, we needed to unify three things: high quality manufacturing, attractive design and high level of client satisfaction. To provide our clients with the best, quickest and simplest project completion, we expanded our field of interest into:  MIRT INTERIJER d.o.o. 2A

  • creating advertising panels and digital printing
  • framing photo panels with plastic and metal framing
  • renting tents
  • multimedia equipment (plasma and LCD monitors, projector screens, projectors, internet stands)
  • different types of promotional stands
  • furnishing business and private spaces


Octanorm quality and supreme technologies

Octanorm booths & stands are a German brand known all over the world. They are based on an aluminum construction built on a “lego” principle – with thousands of possible combinations and designs.Once the foundation is put together, we combine plywood walls, forex PVC boards, plexiglass and other materials. We then connect lighting structure, display panels, rotating lighting cubes, etc. These types of trade show booths and stands are more economic than creating a unique stand or booth from scratch, but can be just as attractive and presentable. They can be combined with different types of furniture, counters, cases, platforms, etc. Kitchen sections can be furnished with sinks, fridges, coat hangers, coffee machines, glasses, etc. By using a rich lighting and elevated logo, this type of booth can present your company in the best way possible, and help you in growing your business.

In the manufacturing of trade show booths, we use materials from the best brands available – fiberboards from companies like Kronospan, Kaindl, Fundermax and Egger, and plywoods created by a german company MEWE. We use machines built by  italian company SCM, and booth framework created by brands Octanorm and F+T (Form & Technik).

In the last couple of years, we`ve been seeing a lot of different congresses, lectures in all types of fields that take place in different hotels, schools, universities concert halls, galleries, etc. These are usually small spaces of up to 15 square meters for multiple exhibitionists. When clients want to present their company in similar events, we usually advise on using an info stand with a logotype and a chair, or creating a smaller booth – one that is well lit and designed specifically for such an occasion. We have a years long tradition in creating stands and booths, you can take a look at some of our work by going to our portfolio section. We try to create a booth or a stand completely according to your wishes, so that it becomes sort of a personal business card, meaning that its design is unique to you and your business.

By consulting first with you and your company, our designers are able to create a 3D design in the best possible way – a design which we use to order materials and assemble the booth. We work exclusively with new fiberboards (we don`t work with used ones). We also use only new carpets or laminates, and this goes with all of the materials we use to build any particular trade show booth or stand.Printed materials include stickers, backlights, cloths, banners, covers, mesh, etc… We furnish booths by using upholstered, leather and MDF lacquered chairs. We create info stands by using newest materials and following the latest trends. Unique trade show booths are what the name says – created just for your company.

Why choose us?

We live in a time where the market is getting more demanding by the day. We recognize the necessity to reconcile the quality of the work with standard pricing. In order to present your products to the market, you need a partner that will provide you with the best price to booth quality ratio. Turn to us, and expand your business with a team that will enable you to succeed.

On the basis of our years long existence and working with the some of the best businesses around, our high quality trade show booths and stands will be created according to your wishes. A pleasant conversation with our team will enable us to provide you with a no-obligation 3D sketch created according to your wishes and our suggestions. To make your booths look their best, during assembly and furnishing, we use:

  • original Octanorm frameworks – Maxima and Maxima Light,
  • together with standard modular stands we also offer unique wooden stands, double decked displays, as well as foldable promo display stands,
  • development of elevated flooring across the entire booth or just in a particular section,
  • booth furnishing,
  • multimedia equipment rental,
  • creating and mounting printed materials onto canvas, digital printing on fiberboards, forex and KAPA panels
  • enriching booths with unique details, such as lighting displays, rotating elements, 3D inscriptions, video animations, texts on 3M foils, halogen reflectors and other details